JU SHZEN INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD. , established on 15th Oct 1993, started operation under the name of JU SHZEN ENTERPRISE and changed to our present name on 12th FEB 1996. We are a SMI-scale silkscreen printing manufacturer in Malaysia. We serve both local and regional business customers.  

Today, we have a professional team of workers. We occupy an area of 5000 sq.ft of production facility. We produce electrical name plate, audio part, decoration part, sticker logo, epoxy logo, press or blanking part and others. We have the production capacity for sticker in multicolor printing, conductive ink printing, emboss processing, epoxy pouring, protecting tape laminating, material blanking, double sided tape blanking and stamping in all sizes and shapes. All the items are produced according to customer specification.


JU SHZEN INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD. always strives to continuously improve our standards to maintain our reputation as a professional and innovative company. We have a good relationship with all our valued customers. We ensure our customers' needs are fulfilled in every area such as customer services, planning, quality control, delivery and competitive pricing.


MISSION : To be a strong and highly competent organisation providing consistent quality products
                        and services through internal harmony, efficiency, skill and technology, meeting
                        customer requirements and enjoy life from time to time.

VISION    : To be a smart and reliable manufacturer of silkscreen products.